At the end of the day, when lights go out, when everybody is on their way back home, the only thing left is memories. My goal is to help you keep those memories fresh, to make you smile every time you look at those images and feel just like you are standing there again, living the most memorable day of your lives.

I am a father, husband, and photographer. And this passion for weddings comes from my strong belief that each and every single one of them is unique, as a celebration of love between two souls aiming to spend eternity together.

My style of photography is photojournalism/documental. What it means is that, besides session time, I´m there at your wedding to tell the story from my own perspective in the purest way, without interfering with the event. As a result, you get in your images the true essence of every moment and every feeling.

I hope our worlds collide so I can have the honor of working with you.

Greetings, Sergio.